Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saying goodbye to Tigger

Kathy, my sister, Bob, her husband, & their kids, Michelle & Michael, have had a cat for a long time, and today he died. He was getting on in age, and he had a good, long life. Kathy said he was affectionate and purring up to the end. Tigger was a stray that came up to them one evening when they were having a campfire in their back field. Tigger approached them from the south, where they have a stand of red pine trees. So they buried Tigger there today under the pines.

He was a great cat. For some reason, I really connected with Tigger. I loved to pet him, he was so affectionate... to a point, and whenever Tigger felt you had reached that point, he was not at all shy about letting you know. He had a lot of character. He would sit on my lap for the longest time when we'd all be around a campfire, purring and covering me with his hair with each stroke of his back. Giving my hand a nip to let me know "enough,", then jumping down... only to come rubbing up against my legs in a while.

These are some photos I took of Tigger, and of Tigger & Michael this past Sept. 17th. I will sure miss that loving, sweet cat, Tigger.

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