Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No bowl of cherries

Since I was too sick to go to Sammy's first basketball game of the season, Kev took him alone... Joyce to stay home with me to "take care of me."

Kev sat with another dad at the game. This dad has 2 sons, one the same age as Sam & on the team with Sam, and his other son is 2 years younger. This other dad was telling Kev how lucky Kev is to have a daughter and a son, not 2 sons, because 2 sons are sure a handful. I've been with his boys before, and they're wonderful kids... but he's right, I'm sure they can be a handful... super active. And siblings that close in age usually bicker from time to time... Joyce & Sam are 6 years apart, and they still have their bicker-filled moments.

So this other dad was going on about how difficult his boys have been lately, and Kev said, "I'll tell ya what, raising a daughter is no bowl of cherries, either."

The other dad laughed, shook his head and told Kev he was right... then he said to Kev, "Yeah, when I married my wife, her dad came up to me and said 'she's your problem now, son.'"

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