Monday, November 27, 2006

Questions answered...

What's with the fish?

Isn't he lovely?! This fish is enamel on what I think is brass, and he is jointed, so his body, fins & tail all move. He was given to us by some good friends who lived in Hong Kong for a while, and he traveled all the way from HK to Michigan to live with us.

Why aren't you at work?

Because I took a vacation day today. Whoo hoo! Joycie & I decided last night that we needed to spend some time together and get some CMU stuff done.

What's going on with your blog?

I changed it so that only one post appears, instead of several flowing down the page.

Why in the heck did you do that?

Because we live in the boonies.

So, what does that have to do with it?

Well, if you would quit interrupting and let me finish... As a boonies dweller, we have dial-up Internet access. Yes, dial-up. We don't have cable out here in the sticks yet, and the alternative types of connections are far too expensive at this point. My family members also have dial-up. Thus, when they open my blog, they have to wait and wait and wait for all the photos from all the posts to load... so with just one post at time, we should all be happier. Besides, links to previous recent posts are on the sidebar, as well as the archives. Hey, if anyone knows of a good, simple set of code for adding "Previous Post | Home | Next Post" links to each post, please holler. (And holler pretty loud so we can hear y'all out here in the boonies, eh?)

What's your favorite color?

Blue. No, Green. No, Orange. Pumpkin Orange. Darkish Pumpkin Orange, but not too dark. No, Blue. A forget-me-not blue. No, oh hell. I like browns, too. And grays. Dark jewels tones, too. Especially at Christmastime in December. I love autumn colors best, though. And the dark leafless trees against that blue, blue sky. Like the photo that Joycie took recently, which you can see here. Um, what was the question again?

How much coffee have you had?

The answer to that question is always "not enough." Ha! Just kidding. I just finished a whole pot, and I guess I'll stop there today.

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  1. Mrs. Tyrrell,( I know you don't like me to call you that but my parents say that I should or else it's rude)The fish is beatiful!! And it was totally worth it to move all the way back from Hong Kong to see you are so nice!