Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rhemes aplenty

I learned something new today. A new word... yay! Another word for 'comment' is rheme. So when you say you're gonna ream (or is it reem) someone out, you're really just commenting on their behavior... interesting.

Also interesting were the synonyms I found in
Definition: opinion
animadversion, annotation, backtalk*, buzz*, comeback*, commentary, crack*, criticism, dictum, discussion, editorial, elucidation, exposition, footnote, gloss, hearsay, illustration, input, judgment, mention, mouthful, note, obiter, observation, opinion, remark, report, review, wisecrack*
affirm, animadvert, annotate, assert, bring out, clarify, commentate, conclude,vconstrue, criticize, disclose, elucidate, explain, explicate, expound, express, gloss, illustrate, interject, interpose, interpret, mention, note, observe, opine, pass on, point out, pronounce, reflect, remark, say, state, touch upon
* = informal or slang

Now I'm thinking of changing my 'post a comment' to 'post your crack'... But... as my son's rheme to his sister recently so wisely observed, as she was bending over to pick something up, "Hey, Joycie, don't you know that crack kills?"...

Anyway, I mentioned 'Dept. of Nance' in a recent post (Nance isn't a NaBloPoMo participant, but her blog is very entertaining... so check it out), and I got a comment back from her... which made me realize how little I comment on those blogs I read on a regular basis. So that's my new thang... I hereby declare myself a commenter. This morning, while working my way through a pot of coffee in my quiet house, I read some of my usual blogs and I commented! Like 5 times. Yay, me. Breaking out of my lurking shell and commenting aplenty.

Confidential to Gus (gee, I feel all Dear Abby-ish), where the hell did the neighborhood go??? *sniff*

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