Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hardly Time to Catch a Breath

Been busy. Sam has started football practices. Kev worked afternoons last week, so I had to run the boy around (with help from sister). Joyce started official basketball practices. Joycie's garden is going to seed! My dad's surgery went very well, and he's home now and walking. Walking! Got Sam's closet all cleaned out, and his room, too, and new bedding yesterday. What a job that was. Nathan is building a computer for me. Yay!! He should be able to get it finished tomorrow. I am so excited about that.

I was taking my work laptop home each evening, and usually spending part of my evening working. That got so old. I hate working at home. Oh, sure, it can be real convenient, but what I end up doing is ignoring home at home and working. Though using the laptop to blog, etc. was pretty convenient, since my old computer downstairs in our basement doesn't have internet capability (it's old!), and the kids both have nice computers with 'net on 'em, but in their bedrooms. Not super handy for me. 'Sides, they're on them usually when I want to use one. So now my work laptop is only, only for work, and I get a nice, beautiful new computer of my own. It looks gorgeous on my nice, beautiful new computer desk.

So now I'm at the office on a Saturday (again), but I've promised myself that August is going to be the month that I really get through some of the stacks of work I've had piled up for too long. And I'm totally kicking ass. I was actually a bit excited about coming into work today and finishing up some more stuff. Well, maybe not excited, but definitely energized. It just feels good to get this stuff off my desk (and away from over my head).

Thursday, August 11, 2005


On Sunday evening, Kev and I came home from a hard day's work* to a house that smelled sooooo good!!! Joyce had went over to her garden and did some weeding and harvesting. She had dinner ready for us! She got a recipe for green beans off the internet, with sauted onions and mushrooms and spices. It was wonderful. She also made new potatoes, which were done perfectly. And she made rice almondine, which was also great. And the table was set so pretty! With a pretty blue glass vase filled with zinnias from her garden.

I was so proud of her. It was the first time that she's made dinner all by herself with me not even home. I'm proud that she's able to do all of that, and do it so well, but I'm also torn... my baby girl's a young woman now. I told her she's just going to have to plan to live with me forever. Adulthood or not.

*Kev's regular schedule called for him to work day-12's this past weekend, and since I am so very far behind on things at work, I just rode in with him and worked 12's myself on Saturday and Sunday. And since he's got day-12's all this week to cover for someone on vacation, I did it again Monday and today. I couldn't Tuesday or Wednesday because Sam's football practices started. 12-hour shifts are hard! Ugh. Not doing it tomorrow, though.

My dad goes in for back surgery tomorrow at 3 pm. He's been working on updating his will all this week, and it's just plain freaking me out.