Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pumpkin pie, full circle...

This morning at my desk, for breakfast, I ate the last piece of the 2 pumpkin pies that Joycie made on Sunday. All by herself. I showed her my recipe for pie crust, and she took it from there. She did such an outstanding job on those pies. The crusts were perfect, flaky and good, and the pumpkin pie filling was just right. I am so proud of her pie-making ability!

Joycie was born on the Saturday following Thanksgiving... and very soon it will be 18 years ago. I went into labor for her on Friday, got to the hospital at about 6pm, went through hard labor (back labor for those moms out there who know what that means) until Joyce was finally born at about 4pm the next day. My nickname for her, from that day on, has been Pumpkin-Pie-O... because until she came along, my most very, very favorite thing at Thanksgiving time was always pumpkin pie (made by my Mom), but now she is my favorite Thanksgiving baby girl. When Joycie was little, she used to love to hear the story of why I call her Pumpkin-Pie-O, or frequently (even now) shortened to Pumpkin. (Note, not punkin, but Pumpkin.) When she & I were in at Best Buy recently, purchasing her birthday gift, I asked her to hold my jacket for me, and I said it, "Pumpkin, will you hold this for a sec, please?"... but I didn't even notice... Joyce did, though, because I called her that in front of the sales guy. *sigh*

Joyce will always be my Pumpkin-Pie-O, and now my Pumpkin has made pumpkin pie.

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  1. My mom still calls me pumpkin. Or peanut. And I'll be 30 in January.