Sunday, November 04, 2007


This is another finished shaker critter ball, and I've named it "Molly."

I made this one for Molly, who is the studio manager at Space Studios and who is a livin' doll...

She is a truly fun spirit, and she's a talented artist. Her paintings are unique and very cool. I'll have to ask her if I can take some photos of the ones I've seen at the studio and share them with you.

My inspiration (and I feel funny using that term, like I watch way too much HGTV) for this Molly shaker ball came from the mask that Lauren Raine made from a cast of Molly's face, during her summer here as a fellow. The mask she did of Molly was my favorite of Lauren's show, and here is a photo of it, though the photograph doesn't do it justice:

And this post today brought to my attention that I didn't do a post about the show of Lauren's work, which included the community arts project... so I will have to correct that sometime soon...

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