Monday, November 12, 2007

It's a bullet point day...

  • It is almost 8:00pm and fully dark here in Rural Michigan, and it's been dark for a couple of hours. My crazy husband is still out on his lawn tractor sucking up leaves/mowing the lawn.

  • Kev was on his Kubota tractor earlier fixing the end of our driveway... our mail delivery person and our newspaper delivery person have both been turning the end of our driveway into a circle turnaround and, in doing so, chewing the heck out of the dirt (dirt road, dirt driveway)... come spring, it would be a muddy mess, so Kev put a large earth berm on each side. And holy heck, when I saw it this morning, I called him to tell him he had to fix it... it looked like 2 big, ol' hemorrhoids at the end of our driveway. So tonight, he smoothed them out and made them look nice. We could tell it pissed off the newspaper delivery person, though, from the tracks she left. I'm sure she doesn't prefer pulling in, putting her car into reverse, backing up, putting her car into drive on top of having to drive almost a half mile down our road only to deliver one newspaper each day, then driving that same route back to civilization. File that one under TS, baby. (and p.s., she wouldn't be any more happy than us at the major mud hole she's been creating for next spring had we left it the way it was)

  • Sammy is on his annual birthday shopping trip with his Aunt Janet tonight, so the house is very quiet.

  • I love a quiet house on occasion.

  • But tonight's quiet is disturbed by my continued extreme frustration with C.S. (Computer Shit) I bought a lovely Linksys router for our new Wild Blue high speed satellite Internet connection modem, but I cannot get the Linksys USB wireless adapter to work on Sammy's computer upstairs. I have spent several hours working on his computer, including most of this past weekend, including upgrading his USB ports to 2.0, which worked and thus made me truly impressed with myself. Truly. But the wireless is still not cooperating. I have now resorted to hauling his desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, etc. downstairs to the dining room table and am attempting to connect via direct cable first, which is something the Linksys software recommends. I have hereby given up on the Linksys 24-hour help line (what language do they speak in the Philippines, anyway?). But the dang thing isn't working... I think I need to reformat it. I can't find a LAN network connection on it. O! the woes of not being a computer nerd. Grrr...

  • They speak Filipino in the Philippines.

  • I am so looking forward to, yet dreading incredibly, January 18th next year when I have surgery to repair my neck. You know how when you turn your neck too quickly and you get that sharp, twanging pain? I have had that pain on the left side of my neck, going up my chin & face to my eyeball and across my shoulder, in varying degrees of pain, for more than 2 weeks now. It got so bad at one point today at work, that I practically screamed out loud, like when you get a really bad charlie horse that makes you scrunch yourself up and yell out cuss words. So freakin' fun. It's simply a dull throb + headache right now as I type these words.

  • Apparently, I am in the mood to have a little pity party. And now I have a tune stuck in my head. Great.

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