Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can't teach an old dog...

new tricks... That saying has been going through my mind so much lately. Ever since the "fall back" of daylight savings time occurred, I have been waking up at 4:00am. Every morning, even weekends. My alarm is set for 5:30am, but I wake up at 5:00am... which is now 4:00am. My mind is trained and is apparently too old and stubborn to be flexible to the idea of daylight savings time. Nice.

Joycie wanted to sleep in yesterday, but she was up by around 9:00am. She has to get up early for classes, which she's been doing since the end of August. And now her mind is trained. I find this very entertaining. Welcome to adulthood, baby.

Kev and Sammy drove down to Ford Field yesterday to watch the Midland High football team lose to Detroit Martin Luther King in the Div. 2 State Championship. It was a great game to watch. The boys had a great day together, including stopping in Saginaw for dinner at Hooters.

I've long been against Hooters and other establishments of their ilk. Something about having boobs as the primary reason for a restaurant's existence just doesn't float my boat. Sammy likes having dinner there. Very much. Of course, he's 13 years old. Go figure.

This morning I pointed out to Kevin that the Hooters girls are all around the age of his daughter. How's that feel? He would not want his daughter working there... 'nough said.

We used to have a Mexican restaurant in town called Chi-Chi's. I believe it was a chain that went under. They had great nachos and margaritas, though. We used to go there pretty often. Then a guy I worked with at the time, who is Latino, told me that in Spanish, chi-chis means titties. After it closed and then they turned the Chi-Chi's building into a Buffalo Wild Wings, I wasn't sad to see the sign change. Every time I looked at the Chi-Chi's sign, I thought Tit-Tit's. Unappetizing. Oh, and p.s., Buffalo Wild Wings' chicken wings are about 500% better than Hooters', just so you know.

Kev just told me that Sammy's PE teacher, who is one of our high school's varsity football coaches, told Sammy to get his buddies and they all need to lift weights three times a week after school. Sam is in 7th grade, and he's clearly already being groomed for Varsity football. I'm just not sure how I feel about that. Sammy loves playing football. And basketball. I just don't want those team sports to define his high school years. Sam is a pretty smart kid, the straight-A's type, and he has a lot of interests besides sport. Like girls. And music, reading, movies, hunting, shopping (yes), video games, myspace & IM'ing... and cutting, splitting and stacking wood with his Dad. I read that bit over, and I think I don't need to worry about Sammy. But I will.

I just made our second pot of coffee. Both kids still sleeping. I started writing this post an hour ago, but have stopped and come back to it several times. Kev is watching the Midland game that I recorded for him yesterday, and as I type this he's explaining to me how different it is being there vs. watching it on TV with the announcers. (Yes, honey, I'm listening.)

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