Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was checking out my kids' myspace pages today, and I decided to share with you some random comments from their pages, and some comments from them on the pages of their friends...

  • oooo i liketh your background. very earthy.
    speaking of earthy, a sign on the back of a bathroom stall informs me that termite farts emit as much methane as the american industry, and is considered to be a major contributer to global warming.
    dang termites.

  • Hooray. i know that you have blackmail on me so I always have to be on your good side.

  • pillage and loot! what else is there to do on a wednesday night?

  • hello lovey, thank you for coming over and watching that movie again with me. I am surprised that you wanted to see it again after I had seen all of it. It was quite disgusting. Oh and you should always wear an apron and reindeer antlers;-)

  • Then you should tell her that and teach her to be a real person and not one of those things called a girly girl.

  • I love you too!!

  • HAHAHAHAHA she would....I love your mother :)

  • mmk. What does that mean. Speak in English please. more mimes killing, or Milk Must be Kind. I don't know what you are trying to say. AHAHAH

  • and mike is not in a coma and I am not smelling him. and all that matters is what I think, so at least you got something right.

  • hey the girl two doors down the hall from me was playing the shins... and i walked in and was like 'ARE YOU LISTENING TO THE SHINS?!' witty, i know, no need to point that out. but she seems cool.

  • I really don't know, I told kara a porsche, but if you want you can get me a motobike. I wants me a motobike!

  • rats. you've caught me... too bad you can't make it here in time to save them! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • quit being so negative! negativity is bad for a person's health.

  • If all three of us were one person we would be amazing.

  • Yet hope remains while the company is true.

  • the one you brought me, i tried it on with my mom and she really liked it. it will sparkle. i like sparkles.

  • ok johnny icicle. from now on i'm tundra boy.

  • It that were us I would be in the mink coat and you would totally be in the glam rock ski suit

  • hey darling... fyi the third twilight book is out. thought you ought to know :-)

  • apparently, there was a guy in our driveway last night w/ a gun, and our neighbors were fighting eachother or something and someone got shot. i found this out from david, as none of my family thought it would be of interest to me.

  • Ok sounds good. I will be ready to Folk and dance. Similar to rock and roll but better hahah

  • thanks!
    : )
    it went really good.
    kind of boring cuz every teacher went over the same crap with all the rules and stuff.
    but it was good.
    it was good to see you again tonight sis. :]
    love ya.

  • WHAT! Mike and Ben are going to your apartment. WHAT! I have to work from 5-10 WHAT! So you are talking to him. HAAAA. That is crazy. MY brain hurts

  • yeah show me what i'll look in 20 years and i'll show you what you'll look like

  • thank you for making me look like liv tyler:-) and it's a babushka not a nun.

  • At least I look happy.


  1. Anonymous6:03 PM

    i like how all the reallllyyyyy weird comments are from me :-)

  2. if I remember right, you're the pillager & looter! :-)