Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday morning with coffee

Kev worked a midnight-12 & got home about 8am this morning. Usually, I'm already up by the time he gets home, but not this morning... been a rough couple of days, so I was still sleeping. When I stumbled out of the bedroom, there Kev sat at the table trying to decipher his calendar. He keeps this small calendar book and writes everything on it. It's crowded. After our good mornings to each other, he explained he thought he could double-back to a day and get time for something, and if he went into work today a couple of hours early then... and so on. Duh. Cannot compute; need coffee.

So now he's in bed, and I've been on the computer sorting through the kazillion photos I've taken the past week... but his calendar checking has been niggling at my brain. I got my calendar out. Thus began my freaking out.

6 days to Prom
7 days to Mother's Day
11 days to the middle school dance
13 days to Anne's Memorial
19 days to Joycie’s Graduation
48 days to Joycie’s Graduation Open House

Also, between now and the 25th of May (Graduation Ceremonies), we have 7 various medical and dental appointments, possibly more with Joycie’s recent injury, and a total of 19 soccer & baseball games for Joyce & Sammy.

Plus a bunch of other stuff.

Need coffee.

Which I now have. Whew! And I thought of my friend, Sandy.

Some of the kazillion photos included a couple I took this morning... after chasing away the turkey from the bird feeders. I think our feeders are their first stop in the mornings after they come down from the trees they were roosting in during the night, out back behind our little red barn. Keeping the feeders area clean-ish means sweeping the sidewalk often, and though I don’t mind doing that at all, it was nice that Kev did it yesterday. But thanks to the big footed turkeys, you wouldn’t know it.

Damn turkeys.

I’ve been seeing even more female Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at the feeder, and I think I know where they’ve been recently... taking care of their babies. Here’s one that showed up yesterday.

Isn’t he a cutie-pie? Look at his little feet curled tightly around that branch...

If you're not saying "awww..." to yourself right now, then I just cannot be your friend.

There are a lot more colorful birds at the feeders, and a greater variety of birds, now vs. when the snow was still around. The plants and shrubs are also making a greater showing, which is blocking some of my view now. Particularly the burning bushes... I remember when we planted those years ago, I was thinking they were “dwarf” but I recall my wise sister, Kathy, predicting they would get huge. She was right (don’t you get tired of that, sister of mine?!!). The darn things are starting to block my view out the kitchen window as well. Time to do some trimming. Wish I knew how to prune a shrub and have it look nice afterwards. *sigh* I also have this now gigantic forsythia that is in need of pruning. Since I skipped the pruning the last couple of years, we’ve got almost no blossoms... the flowers appear on only new shoots. *sigh* again

Today is D-Day for all the papers piled on my table. If I don’t get that crap sorted out and out of my hair today, y’all have permission to insult and ridicule me unendingly.

If I can stop watching the birds, that is... They are so entertaining. There were a female and a male cardinal on the feeder, along with about 3 other birds, and a red-bellied woodpecker flew in, scaring them all away. The cardinal pair both ended up on the same branch of the star magnolia, right next to each other. The female, who has reprimanded the male before, turned to him and, beak opened wide, chewed him out right in his face. He didn’t seem to react, which must have pissed her off more, so she leaned slightly more towards him and bit at him. He reacted then and scooted down the branch a little. Funny!

Most times, the birds just peck or scratch and eat, paying little attention to each other. But sometimes one bird will go at another bird, trying to shoo them away. Sometimes it works, but other times, the bird will shoo right back. They’re like 1st graders on the playground... that’s my swing, no it’s not, it’s mine, no it’s mine, no it isn’t, I don’t see your name on it... Some of the interactions are so funny. I’ll start laughing out loud, but by now, the family doesn’t ask any more what I’m laughing about... they know it’s the silly birds. I am the only person in this house who is truly entertained by the birds’ antics.

And I’m ok with that.

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