Thursday, May 10, 2007

Apple blossoms galore

Our 2 apples trees by the house have burst into bloom. Everything has. The hostas went from just peeking out of the ground to big clumps of leaves almost overnight. Seems like we have totally skipped most of Spring and jumped right into early Summer.

Yesterday evening, Kev was in the living room watching some hunting show on TV, sitting in his chair sneezing, coughing, sniffling and groaning - he is so sick with a cold & 'flu, poor guy. (I shall spare you the details. You're welcome.) It was a beautiful evening, and the sun had come out. Since it had rained most of the day, everywhere was that rich green color. The grass looks so lush. I noticed a bird sitting on the rail of our porch... it was a Baltimore Oriole. I stood up to get my camera; the bird took a little poop & flew off. I went outside, and though I saw him a couple more times, I wasn't able to get a photo. They're a beautiful bird, so I hope he comes back often.

I was so intent on seeing him, that I didn't immediately notice the smell. The heavenly, lovely smell of the apple blossoms. Yummy. So my camera went where my nose took me.

The 2 trees were alive with bees and other bugs, as well as more birds.

And a butterfly...

or two...

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