Sunday, May 20, 2007


I share with you 2 quotes I've heard lately that have stuck in my head.

The first is from a real person, a pottery instructor at Space Studios:

Setting: In the studio, at a point when both myself and another person, when pondering how to handle something, spoke aloud an almost identically phrased idea...

"Great minds run in the same gutter."

I had never heard that variation of the "great minds" theory, and I liked it so much I wrote it down then and there. Also, there's just something about the word, gutter, that I can't explain, but I like it. Gutter, gutter, gutter.

Next, a quote from a TV character, Paris Gellar:

Setting: In the apartment, getting off the phone from making a sale of a piece of furniture for which she just got more money than she bought it for years earlier...

"The key to haggling is you put your hands around their throat and just keep on squeezing."

That writer is muy, muy good... I'm gonna miss that show. *sniff, sniff*

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