Monday, April 02, 2007

Saying goodbye to Anne

My best friend, Sandy, called me yesterday to tell me that her Momma had died.

Sandy’s folks, Reg & Anne, spend the winters in South Texas, and they arrived at Sandy & Brian’s home this past Friday afternoon to spend a visit with them. Brian and Sandy live near the Dallas, Ft. Worth area.

Annie died in her sleep Sunday morning. Sandy said it was thought to be from a heart attack. It was unexpected.

Anne was such a wonderful, warm and lively woman. She was a loving mom & gramma and wife to Reg of more than fifty years. Her laugh was unique, and it was fun to hear it. She had one of those laughs that made you smile, or laugh, too, even if you didn’t feel like it. Anne had such a great sense of humor, which is very important when you’re the mom of five kids...

Anne was an excellent cook. I once wrote a post about one of her pies. Sandy is definitely her mother’s daughter in the cooking department... Sandy is also an excellent cook, one of the best I know. Most of my favorite recipes have come from Sandy, and some of those from Anne.

This is a photo I took of Anne back in the summer of 2005.

I will miss you, Anne. So many people will miss you.

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  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Dear Julie,
    Thank you so much for posting the beautifully-written farewell to my Mom. You picked the perfect picture, too!
    Love ya,
    P.S. Reg, Bonnie, Brian, Doug and Brandon loved it, too!