Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pottery Project No. 5 - Karner Blue

My butterfly pot was ready to pick up yesterday morning. I used a Karner Blue as my inspiration. I'm happy with it.

I think the wings became a little darker during the 2nd glaze firing (from when I fixed a small chip). I like it this way.

It's funny how the photos make the glazing on the wings look splotchy... I'm looking at the pot right now, & the wings don't look splotchy at all. I saw the photos and had to take another look. Whew!

When I first made this pot and it was drying, the antennae broke. They were so fragile. So at the suggestion of Kathy, the owner/instructor, I redid the insect's head and poked holes in it to hold the antennae, then I made each antenna and stored them inside the body for drying and bisque firing. It worked perfectly. I put them into place when I painted on the glaze, so they were glaze fired that way... so they stuck.

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