Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An e-mail I would like to send

Dear Snotty & Snooty*,

I returned to work this morning from about a week off on vacation, and oh my! the mail that came in for me while I was gone... such a lot! Kudos to you both for managing to fit all of that mail into my mail slot out in the hallway! I wouldn't have thought it possible. Of course, it was packed in there pretty tightly, so when I managed to get it out, it was almost like letting go of a blown-up balloon... pieces of mail flying everywhere! And what fun it was to pick all that up!!! So thank you both so much for that little bit of entertainment on my first morning back from vacation.

I actually just now measured my mail all stacked up on my desk, and it's over 7 inches tall!! So that is really quite an achievement getting all of that to fit into my 2 1/2 inch mail slot. In fact, no other co-op staff has managed to do that before!... on the rare occasions I'm off for a week, I usually come back to a bunch of mail sitting on my desk, probably because those co-ops weren't up to the challenge of stuffing my mail slot like that.

Thanks again & have a great day!


*Names changed to protect... um, me. It's the 2 high school co-ops who handle, among other things, sorting the mail for our department. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

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