Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Another thing I have said in a recent post was that I've only seen 1 male cowbird hanging around my bird feeders. I spoke too soon. Yesterday, his whole gang must've gotten the word... and they all showed up. There were about 6 or 8 males, and they brought their gals along with them.

I think the female cowbird is a pretty bird. Much better looking than the male, with his odd, dull head.

But I still do not care for cowbirds. The group was so loud and boisterous. Ill-mannered bunch of brutes. Mostly to each other. The females were snapping at each other constantly. They all seemed to be on the move all the time, either showing off or going at one another or avoiding an attack. It was like a group of rednecks crashing a fine dining establishment. And starting a raucous brawl.

The males seemed to be doing some kind of competition, as well. I suppose they were trying to impress the females. While on the ground, a male cowbird would spread his wings out and raise up his hackles, then he would kind of stomp/dance toward another male. It was pretty strange.

With all the unruly commotion going on, it didn't surprise me when one of the male cowbirds shot up in the air and straight into my window. BANG! (I say it didn't surprise me, but it sure as hell startled me.) I thought for sure he was a goner, and I stood up and peered down the side of the window... and there he hung in the burning bush branches right next to the window.

No! Of course I wouldn't post a photo of a dead bird here, even if it was a cowbird... that's a little too gross even for my standards. The idiotic bird was simply stunned... he hung like that for a while, and then he sat up.

Within 10 minutes he was gone, off with the whole rowdy bunch. Fingers crossed they won't be back.

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