Sunday, April 15, 2007


Yesterday after I got home from pottery class, Joycie was gone to a soccer practice, so just Sammy was home (Kev is working day-12’s this weekend). Sammy convinced me to take him into town for breakfast at IHOP.

On the way there, we saw a great blue heron on a riverbank, so of course I had to turn the car around and take a couple of photos of him.

The photos turned out better than I thought they would considering how far away from the road the bird was.

We had a good time at IHOP.

The coffee there was excellent.

While there, Sammy let me know that his finger was hurting. It’s his right index finger, and he could hardly use his hand to eat. Turns out that he cut his finger on Thursday after school while at the gym; he was running and caught his hand on the wire cage thing that protects the fire alarm. He didn’t notice he had broke the skin until later, when the boys were all sitting around on the gym floor and Sammy had his hands flat on the floor... when he picked up his right hand, there was blood on the floor. How hygienic!

When I looked at during our breakfast/lunch, around 1pm, his finger was slightly swollen and a little bit red about a half-inch up and also down from the cut... Not Good.

As soon as we got home, I had him soak it and then I sanitized it and put antibiotic lotion on it. A few hours later, and he was in pain. His finger was noticeably more swollen and definitely more red.

I called our doctor’s office, and was surprised to actually talk to our family doctor as he was the one on call. I knew what he would say, and Sammy & I were already on our way into Emergency at the hospital (the Urgent Care facility closes at 5pm on weekends). It’s a staph infection. Sammy got a prescription for an antibiotic, and he got a tetanus shot in the arm. Now we do lots of Tylenol and Advil, and Sammy has to have a hot, moist cloth on the wound often. We also have to wrap it with his ring finger, and we have a splint on the healthy finger, so that he doesn’t bend his index finger. The doc told him that if he bends it, the infection could get into the tendon, which would be more painful and more difficult to get rid of...

Sammy’s baseball team has a tournament next weekend, and he’s supposed to be one of the pitchers. Maybe not now... poor kid.

On the way to this hospital, I told Sammy he would be getting a shot. That boy was not happy. When we were waiting in the room, I told him to just put in his iPod and turn it up & it’d be over before he knew it. He was still very unhappy at the prospect of a shot. Joycie & Kevin also both have this unusual (unusual to me, anyway) aversion to getting shots. Shots are no big deal to me, so I find it difficult to understand. I do try, though... and I ended up promising Sammy another breakfast at IHOP for tomorrow (which was today). Good thing he’s not a greedy boy, coz I would’ve caved on just about anything he asked for while we were waiting there to see the doctor...

I had totally forgotten about promising him more IHOP this morning, but he didn’t. So Joycie, Sammy and I headed out to breakfast again this morning. They were really busy in there this morning... as Sammy said, they were really IHOPping! Oh, come on, you know that’s cute!

And, they have really good coffee there...

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