Monday, May 29, 2006

Here's a tip for ya...

This is my beautiful niece taking Joycie's order last night at dinner.

Doesn't she look adorable in her apron?
Joyce, Sammy & I, along with my sister, Kathy, the mom of said waitress, all went into have dinner at the restaurant where Michelle is working. The service was excellent, and the food was darn good, too. It was fun to watch Michelle at work. Because we asked to sit in her section, she was overloaded there for a bit. She handled it real well. She stopped by and Joyce said something to her about being busy, and Michelle said she felt hot and sweaty... wish I could look half that cool and composed when I feel hot and sweaty, because I seriously could not tell. She looked perfect.

We left her a nice, healthy tip for her first time waiting on us.

The stories that Kathy was telling us, though... that big tip probably won't make up for all the piddly ones. People, as they always are, are amazing. Not always in a good way. One story was about a younger couple with 2 kids who wanted this and that and exactly so, substitute this, bring that, run, run, run. Michelle got everything they wanted right and ran her butt off, and they were there for a while. Their total bill, when they eventually finished, was about $40. They left my niece a $2 tip. Assholes.

Because she works in a restaurant that attracts a lot of senior citizens, many of her tips are precisely 15%. If 15% is $2.69, then that's exactly what they leave for her... $2.69. Not $2.50, not $3.00... $2.69. I guess when you're older, you have all the time in the world to find those 4 pennies.

Michelle said one of the waitresses told her, when she first started working there, that sometimes people will leave their whole tip in change. A $5.00 tip all in nickels and dimes. Truly has happened. Then they have to carry that change around in their apron for the rest of their shift.

I cannot imagine doing those things. I've always known I was a good tipper, I'm a minimum 20%er. Usually more, coz I always round up. After hearing some of Michelle's stories and of some she's heard... now I know I am an excellent tipper. I like me that way. My opinion is that if you can't afford to leave a nice tip for good service, then go to McDonalds. Heck, I've even tipped the kid at McDonalds.

I've also always known the world is full of assholes. Here's hoping they don't all sit in my niece's section.

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  1. Oy vey...
    I've been a waiter and still have nightmares to this day of my section filling up all at once. good for you, that you tip well. Yes, the seniors are often cheapskates.

    She looks like a pleasant waitress, and yes the world is full of assholes.

    Like your blog.