Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wild... life...

Yesterday evening, about a half hour before dusk started in, we saw a young doe out in the brush just off the back yard. We watched her for quite a while. I finally got my camera out and took some photos.
I got pretty close to her before she bounded away. She didn’t go far, though, just off into the thick stuff on the edge of the creek. So I walked a little closer, and she stamped at me and snorted. The snort is kind of like a sharp blowing sound. Deer usually do that to warn other deer of danger... but I think I had simply annoyed her, and she was chewing me out. I interrupted her dinner hour. She was a pretty small doe. When Joycie and I drove out this morning, we saw a very large doe on the side of our road. She did a slow jump over the ditch, and she did not look graceful as she went. I’ve seen her a couple of times recently. Yesterday, she was right down in the ditch standing in the water, and when we approached her in the car, she clambered up the bank of the ditch. I'm sure that she is big with a fawn, and looks like it won’t be too much longer before she gives birth. Could be twins, because her belly is huge.

We had all 4 of our bedroom windows open through the night. Yesterday was a hot day, and our house was stuffy with humid heat. (Thankfully, Kev got the air going today. It’s almost too cool in here now.) Last night the frog chorus was in fine fiddle. Holy cow, were they ever loud. I was pooped & went to bed before Kev... he & Sam were watching the Pistons lose. At one point, I hollered to the frogs to SHUT UP ALREADY. All that accomplished was to make Kev laugh out loud. I went to sleep with frog song ringing in my ears.

I woke up before 6:00am to birds singing and squawking. I heard some that were particularly loud, and more of a frenzied clucking and clatter. I laid in bed and thought to myself, what kind of bird is that... Kev, who I didn’t realize was even awake, said aloud, “turkeys.” Freaked me out. For a second I thought I had asked the question out loud, but I hadn’t. So now he’s reading my mind. Nice.

It was a hazy morning, but the more the sunshine came out, the louder the birds became. I heard geese honking as they flew over our house, that's when I decided to get up and make coffee.

Joycie and I got over to my folks about 10:00am and did a couple more hours of planting garden. We’re close to being done. Kevin tilled it up for us the other day with his tractor, and he did a great job. We're enjoying the gardening together. We’re planting a much smaller garden than last year. It really got away from us last year, and would have totally been a loss except for my mom’s help. And we didn’t use all the produce, a lot of it went to waste. A smaller garden will be so much easier to handle.

As I was typing this post, Joyce was in the kitchen and said, “There’s a heron at the pond again.” We’ve been having a great blue heron visit our pond lately, and the other day, Kev saw it get a fish. Really pissed him off. We stocked our pond with so many fish, and we have lost most of them to herons. It’s very frustrating. I told her, “shhh...”, grabbed my camera and went outside and snapped this photo in a hurry as the bird flew away. I wasn’t even sure if I captured the heron well at all (didn’t have my glasses on).

When I saw the photo, I called Kev over to see it...
his comment: “SON OF A BITCH!”

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