Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I didn't go into the office today because I've been feeling sick since Sunday night. I've been logged into our company network and working since about 7am, though. I took a break about 20 minutes ago, so I could walk out to our mailbox & leave some mail for the mailman to pick up today. Of course I took my camera with me... and Reilly, too.

He was very happy with the short excursion. It is a beautiful day out, and the breeze and little bit of sunshine felt good on my aching head. The birdsong is constant. I've been trying to identify the birds by the songs I hear, using my new "Birdsong IdentiFlyer" that Kev & the kiddos gave me for my birthday. I didn't realize how pretty the brown-headed cowbird's song is... I got this photo of one flying over the pond on my way back to the house.

I have always disliked cowbirds because they lay their eggs in other birds' nests, often resulting in that bird's eggs not hatching or the juvenile birds not living because the juvenile cowbird hogs all the food. But cowbirds can't help it, that's just what cowbirds do. I think they are a pretty bird, with their stout black beak, brown head and shiny black body... and they have a pretty song. Cowbirds, back on the dancecard for me.

We also have a lot of chipping sparrows, but they are so shy and quick, I can rarely get a good photo of them. I've tried often... this photo turned out ok. I love their tail feathers.

Before I went into the house, I headed over to check out my rock garden & herb garden (while Reilly went to say hey to Barney & Betty). My iris is blooming.

The spurge and ajuga in my rock garden are blooming profusely right now. The bumble bees love the purple flowers of the ajuga. Joycie has had to write some poetry for her publications class, and she showed me one of her poems this morning. Without her permission, I'm including it. Coz I love it.


Bumble, bumble, bumble bee
Going from flower to flower to tree
Working every day gathering food
Seeing them buzz puts me in a good mood

Bumble, bumble, bumble bee
They're everywhere, can't you see?
Living in a hive, making honey
Going outside only when it's sunny

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