Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Love me, love my dust...

I had talked with a friend of mine a couple of times about helping her get her computer running more smoothly. Just some normal maintenance stuff, to see if it would quit freezing up on her. Last Friday afternoon at the DARE graduation, I suggested that Sammy & I stop by on our way home and I could work on it then. My friend, Gwen, said they didn't have plans that evening & her husband wouldn't be at home, Kevin was heading into work, and Joycie had plans with her friends, so it was an ideal opportunity.

Any of our friends who drop in on us without warning or who make last-minute plans to come over know they'll have to take things as they are... which means usually dust and clutter. It's a combination of busy lives and a reluctance for housework.

When Sammy & I got to Gwen's, her house was all clean and pretty and candles lit and smelling so nice... I could tell she had straightened up for us, and we joked about it. Her oldest son, Cody, is Sammy's friend, and he's been to our house often enough... Gwen said Cody told her they had to straighten up because our house was always super clean, I think she even used the word pristine or something like it. WHAT?!! Ever since, I think about Cody saying that and I chuckle to myself.

For example, as I typed that sentence, a dog hair just floated by in front of my face. (Well, ok, I was just petting Reilly, but still...)

Pristine or use of the word "super" in front of "clean" is so very not how I would describe our house. Livably clean. Normally pretty ok. For one thing, we are still using the wood burner, and our house gets very dusty. Since daily dusting ain't my nature, this is how my printer usually looks:

OK, I added the graffiti for effect. But it reinforces my oft quoted recommendation, "love me, love my dust."

Just now looking at that photo, I noticed something you might think strange... the sparkly Sponge Bob 5 of Clubs sticker... or... the claw...

What the heck is that???

It's Junior.

Kev shot him in Canada, had him stuffed there, and he's the perfect dining room decoration, no? (Junior is also dusty, except his nose, coz I like to pet it.)

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