Sunday, May 21, 2006

Falling apples & other old sayings

Our friends, John & Canice, who visited us last night have 4 children, ages 12, 10, 6 & 5. Two girls (oldest), then two boys. Molly, Mikayla, Jack and Noah, respectively. Noah was born while they lived in Hong Kong; they moved back to our area last year. We're glad they're back.

This morning, while getting his plate ready to put in the microwave, Kevin said, "those 4 kids are just about the best kids ever - they are all so well behaved and so nice to be around." You would think with 4 kids that close in age, that they would bicker a lot... I know when I was kid, the 5 of us sure did. And I'm sure they must have some of that at home, but last night at our house, they were all 4 just wonderful. So sweet and fun. They're all adorable, too. John and Canice sure made some beautiful babies, and are raising some great people. Big time kudos to John and Canice! But then, those 4 apples are falling real close to the tree... so kudos to John's parents and Canice's parents, too.

Last night, while the kids were playing with Sammy's most recent ball purchase and Reilly, which Reilly just loves to do, Reilly popped the ball. Mikayla seemed upset about it, and it was so cute... but it was totally Reilly, coz that dog has ball-popping down to an art form. The balls are cheap, and we've gone through several over the last few years with Reilly. We have had a lot of kids over at our house through the years, and ended up with things destroyed. Some where the kid who did the destroying never said anything about it... just left it for us to find. (Like the thumb piano we had bought for Sammy at the gift shop of the National Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC... one of Sammy's friends totally wrecked it but never said a word, and it cost over $60. Boo hiss.) And there's Mikayla so upset about a plastic ball that cost about a buck & is so easily replaced. Such a sweetie. Great kids. They have a great dog, too... a Labordoodle named Abe. I had gotten my camera out to take photos last night and totally forgot to... darn that pinot grigio.


Yesterday morning after I dropped Sammy off at my folks (he gets on the school bus there), I remembered I had wanted to tell him something... so I called on my cell. Dad answered, and I asked him if Sammy was nearby. "Nope," he said, "he went out to poop and the pigs ate him."

Cracked me up.


My mom often used the old saying, "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride" while I was growing up. Kev read in the paper this morning that there is going to be a wild horses and wild burros auction coming to town. So would your wishes have to be wild wishes??? Hmmmm....

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