Sunday, June 04, 2006

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Kevin is working midnight-12’s this weekend, so it’s another “shhh...” day. Yesterday, Sammy was gone all day with his friends, and Joycie and I left early for a shopping trip to Kohl’s Super Saturday Sale. I had a 15% off “pick-a-day” coupon and I saved over $50. So yeah, I spent waaaay too much at Kohl’s. This time, mostly on myself. Such a rarity. I needed new capris and jeans. Joyce and I spent some time figuring out the last time I bought myself jeans and capris, which I need for both work and fun, not just bought, but “stocked up on”... and it was about 3 years ago. I have bought the odd pair of jeans since then, but only about 4 times. Guess I was due.

After singeing my Kohl’s card, we hit Wal-Farts for some bottled water, toilet paper and other necessities, then on to the movies. We saw The Break-Up. I liked it, but our “necessaries” shopping trip was about equally exciting as the movie. Popcorn was real good.

Best part was being with my girl.

Kevin got up around 5:30pm or so... before we heard him, Reilly heard him. While Kev is home sleeping for his midnight shift, I think Reilly spends the day waiting for him to get up. I have to put the big ottoman in front of our bedroom door so that Reilly doesn’t push it open (which is easier, of course, than actually fixing the latch so it truly latches). Once Kev is up and around, Reilly spends his time alternating between following Kev around & staring up at him, and standing by the front or the back door & staring at him. With a few, sweet little noises thrown in for good begging effect. That dog loves that man... primarily because The Man takes Reilly outside. And Reilly loves being outside. Reilly loves being inside with us, too, especially sleeping with Sammy. But Reilly and Kev are similar in that they both need outdoors time daily to keep their spirits happy. I can go outside and get very little reaction from Reilly. Kev just has to wake, and Reilly is all please, please, please, oh, I love you, please, please, outside please, oh please...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The other night at Sammy’s ballgame, when we first got there, I saw a beautiful male red-winged blackbird. There’s a swampy area directly across the road from the ball diamond, and I always see and hear those blackbirds. I love their song. My bird book describes their song as a “rich, musical O-ka-LEEEE!” This bird posed for me, so I took a few photos.

Then it began to sprinkle off and on, and continued doing so throughout the game... so those were the only photos I took at the ball field.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yesterday evening, when Sammy was finally ready to come home, or rather, when I finally decided he had to come home (that boy loves his social life), I went to pick him up in Joycie’s Rodeo. For some reason, I decided to take my camera with me. On our way back towards home, the sky was beautiful. There was an unusual cloud formation in front of the sun... and those were nearly the only clouds present. I decided to take some photos. First we pulled off into a church parking lot, but there were wires and road signs in the way, and I didn’t want them in my shot. So we drove down the road a ways, all the while the sky changing quickly. There was a gravel drive into a field that led to some kind of natural gas thing, I think... I’m not sure what it was. It was entirely fenced in with “danger” and “flammable” signs on it; the whole unit being only about 10-foot square. This drive of gravel and small structure surrounded by gravel was in this corn field, and the corn was coming up in rows all over. Little 5-inch corn plants all around in the dark gray-brown earth. It smelled like worms. Damp dirt, because we had rain a couple of times earlier in the day, and we have had so much rain lately.

I stopped near the dangerous structure, and I think I got a pretty nice shot of the sky.

Then I reversed the Rodeo a little ways, then pulled forward to get back out to the main road. I got just a little bit off the gravel drive and the mud sucked me in quicker than I had time to think about it. Deep, stinky mud. Thank goodness I was in Joycie’s Rodeo and not my Buick. I put it in 4-wheel-drive and managed to rock out of the mud suction, finally reversing with a burst of power that spewed clods of mud all over us. Big balls of mud slapped onto the hood and the windshield... chunks bigger than softballs. A very small clod sailed through the open sunroof and landed on top of Sammy’s head. His immediate reaction was lost to me in the sound of the roaring engine, struggling wheels and flying mud smacking us all over and all under. Then once successfully back on the road, all sound was consumed by the further smacking sounds of mud flying off the tires back onto parts of the Rodeo. We left a huge trail of mud behind us, but managed to retain a significant amount on the vehicle. Including the huge chunks on the windshield, which I was afraid to try and remove with the wipers. Too big.

I finally looked at Sammy, and he was immensely grossed out by the stinky mud on his head. Oh yeah, that was funny.

I turned the vehicle around and hot-tailed it back into town to go through the car wash. We made it just in time & were the last vehicle they took. They close at 8:00pm and we got there just a tad after... they put up the orange cones after us. Whew! When we got to the entrance, the guy looked at the mud clots and just shook his head. I hollered through the closed windows, “I got stuck in the mud.” But I don’t think he heard me. We drove the nice, clean vehicle home, and once there, I told Joycie all about getting stuck. I should have begun the tale with how we just made it to the car wash... because by the time I got to the part about getting the car cleaned, she was already ticked off.

Hey, who the hell owns that vehicle anyway??? Jeesch.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While Sammy was gone on Friday with his friends, and Kev was sleeping, and I was working, my girl worked on cleaning out and organizing my craft room in the basement for me. I have been trying to get going on that for over a year. I start a little bit, but then crap would get put in there, since everything we don't know what to do with or where to put in this house seems to end up in my craft room... so it has been 1-step-forward-2-steps-back. I cannot believe how much of a difference Joycie made in that room. It was one of the nicest surprises I have had in recent memory! She worked on it for a quite a few hours. When I got home from work, I could hear her in the basement. So when I went downstairs and found her still working in my room, standing in the middle on carpeting that I could actually see... I was overwhelmed. She stood there with her iPod earbuds in and with this beautiful smile on her face, waiting for my reaction. Which was hugs and tears. I love that girl.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yesterday before Kev left for work, he made himself oatmeal and toast. Joycie and I were in the living room watching a movie, and Kev brought in his “breakfast” & joined us. As he walked by, I said, “it looks like curds & whey,” and Joycie said, “watch out for the spider, Daddy.” We cracked up, and Kev looked at us like we were lunatics. ’Course, he wasn’t privy to the earlier conversation.

Joycie: Mom, how do they make sour cream?
Me: They let the milk get old and sour, just like for yogurt. Amazing how nice
rotted food can taste, huh.
J: What about cottage cheese?
M: Same thing. Let the milk get old. You know how old milk starts to curdle... let it go & presto, cottage cheese.
J: You mean we could make it ourselves?
M: Sure, people used to do it all the time. Set a pot of milk on the back of the wood cook stove & let it turn. They called it curds and whey.
J: So you mean the what’s her name girl was eating cottage cheese when the spider sat next to her?
M: Yep, Miss Muffet was chowing down on cottage cheese.
J: Holy heck, I always thought it was oatmeal.

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