Saturday, June 10, 2006

Work, work, work

Since I took a couple of days off this week to "play," here I am now at work to "pay." Kev is on his day-12's weekend, so he & I rode into town together, and I'm working until about 7:00pm. Hopefully to get a shitload, a veritable shitload of stuff done. I have so many stacks and piles and boxes full of files & paperwork on my desk and surrounding work areas, I no longer have total confidence that I am in complete accurate awareness of the contents of said dead tree materials. Hate that feeling.

I have a few very big, very time-consuming projects going. Since I can't get each done all at once, everytime I get back to working on a project, it's like I have to figure out what the hell I was doing before... Hate that feeling, too.

I love being busy, and my job provides that in spades. Sometimes, though, having way too much to do makes me feel less productive... and I'm sure I've mentioned that before. Um, hate that feeling, too. (not the mentioning before feeling, the less productive feeling, just in case you require such clarification...)

This morning, Kev had to be to work an hour early to cover for a guy who had to leave early, so we left the house at 5:45am. Oy, that's early. Last night, both Kev and I had fallen asleep in the living room watching the Tigers on TV. Not sure what time Sammy finally woke us and told us to get our asses to bed. Not in those exact words, mind you, he is only 11. The message was clear, though. He said, "you fell asleep on me." I said, "no, I didn't, I fell asleep on the sofa." Anyway, Kev and I were very tired, probably mostly because of the 2 beers before dinner at Red Lobster and the GIANT margarita we each had during dinner. Seriously, they had an excellent special going on these enormously large drinks. They were yummy. Dinner was excellent, too. ***snore***

I just talked to Kev, as he has a break around 9:30am, and that boy is still yawning. Gonna be a long day. But at least it is very, very quiet here in the office, no one around to annoy or to annoy me, no interruptions... yay! Hi ho, hi ho...

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