Thursday, June 08, 2006

For laughing out loud

I have been trying to figure out all the functions available on my new Sony camera... there are so many. Just before Sammy’s baseball game Monday evening, I discovered that I can hold down the shutter button and take photo after photo after photo after photo... how fun! I took 236 photos that evening. This is a group I took of Kevin and Joycie during the first game. Joycie hammed it up for me... while Kev moved not a muscle.

It took quite a while to look at all the photos. I took tons of Sammy playing ball, but also many of Kevin and Joycie. When we were done with the slide show, Kev said, “I think I need to smile more often.” I got 3 photos of him smiling. Just 3. Here’s one.

I agree... I’d like to see him smile more. But he is just not the type. It’s not that he’s not feeling happy or content, or that he is not in a good mood, or that he isn’t fun... he just doesn’t smile or laugh that easily all the time. Particularly not in a public setting, such as at a crowded ball field. Don’t know why that is. Probably the same characteristics that make him want to sit with the wall at his back whenever we’re in a restaurant or anywhere. Or aisle seats in theaters or airplanes. That kind of thing.

Oh, Kev can do a major belly laugh with the best of us... though I can’t remember any time that’s occurred in public. At home, yes, and often enough. Once, early in our marriage & somewhere that I can’t remember now, I asked him, how is it that you are not laughing out loud at this? Kev said he was “laughing inside.” I call him the comedian’s nightmare. Oh, yeah, dude, you’re funny... I just don’t laugh out loud.

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