Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What He Don't Know Won't Hurt Him

Things I do when Kevin isn't home, all concerning Reilly:

1. Let Reilly lick my plate or bowl clean
- because he just loves it and because our dishwasher is set to something like two hundred bazillion degrees F. (so there are no germs transferred from Reilly's tongue that will survive through it, guaranteed)...
I once let one of our dogs lick a Tupperware bowl in front of Kev, and he threw the bowl away! It's one of the things that utterly grosses Kev out. But... that was Tupperware! Cha-ching.

2. Let Reilly up on the sofa or chair with me
- because I love it, and because Reilly understands it's safe since The Man isn't around...
Kev hates dog hair, particularly when unnecessarily applied to furniture.

3. Let Reilly up on the bed with me, and sometimes with me & Sam when Sam sleeps with me on the weekends Kev is on midnight-12's
- because we all love it, and because when Sam sleeps with me, we have so much fun, we talk too much and laugh too much (and those times won't last much longer! soon he'll be way too old to snuggle with ol' Mom), and Reilly is used to sleeping with Sammy...
Kev HATES dog hair in his bed, and if I thought there was ever a chance he would read my blog, I'd never had made this entry! Kev is not the blogging or blog-reading type. Whew.

4. Let Reilly keep me company In The Kitchen in the mornings when I'm packing lunches
- because I always toss Reilly a piece of bread, which he catches so very gracefully, carries gently over to the carpeting near the kitchen floor, where he then lies down and enjoys it while occasionally glancing my way, as if to say, "thanks, lovey"...
Kev hates dog hair, even while still attached to the dog, anywhere near the kitchen.

I suppose it's a good thing Kev is mostly home when I am, otherwise it'd be totally dog hair chaos. Chaos, I tells ya! Hairy chaos!

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