Friday, October 07, 2005

Our William Perry

Most people I know, especially those who have kids (or grandkids), have stuff on their refrigerators, kept there with magnets. Photos, artwork and notes and reminders. But I don't know anyone who has as much stuff on their fridge as we do on ours. We also collect magnets for it. Whenever we take a trip, we buy magnets. We also get magnets as gifts, and we make magnets. It's our thing. Sometimes our fridge looks so overloaded on the outside that it seems like it should fall over or something. I know that would bother some people, but we like it. "A" papers, report cards and artwork can sometimes be layered on it, just because we're not yet ready to take the previous stuff down. This is our third fridge in 22 years of marriage. We have things posted on this fridge that have been transferred from the first one to the next, to this one.

This is one of my favorite magnets. My niece, Michelle, made it for me. My whole family knows I like to cook, and they generally like my cookin'. But I also like to make some dishes spicy. My sister, Kathy, and her family, including my niece, Michelle, don't really like spicy. Barely spicy for me is too spicy for them on some dishes. After one supper, I think it may have been white chili, Michelle made this magnet for me. I love it.

This magnet is helping to hold up a piece of paper that started out on fridge No. 2. It's a sign that Joycie made when she was about 7 years old. She liked to play "restaurant." She'd have a little pad of paper and come and take our orders, then deliver our food to us, whereupon we would have to "eat" it and then "pay" for it. This sign was for posting in her "restaurant":

Silent dogs are ok.

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