Saturday, October 08, 2005


Yesterday evening was our homecoming football game. The weather earlier this week was in the 80's and way too hot, but it got cold for this weekend. Colder weather is right for football games, but last night is was super cold and windy. Brrrr... The stands were packed. We love our Varsity football team around here.

The marching band did a show before the game started, which was awesome. My nephew, Michael, plays tenor sax. He's easy to spot in the band because he's so tall. Half-time show included presenting the class representatives and crowning the king and queen. It was really nice. One of our senior boys became ill with cancer last year, and though he's been fighting it, I heard it's winning. He's always been a well-liked kid, and when he was announced as one of the reps, everyone cheered and clapped. More so than for any other kid. Best part, he was crowned king. It was very fitting, and a great moment. He looked so happy.

Some folks must have saved quite a few illegal fireworks from the 4th, the great big ones that shoot up high and burst out big. They were so beautiful in the night sky over the stadium lights! A very cool thing to do. They were being set off from about 5 different locations, including over the corn field next to the stadium. Then a huge cloud of smoke from the fireworks was pushed over the stadium and blew right past us like some gigantic ghost going at warp speed. That was cool! From the stands, we did a collective "ohhhhh!"

We played a team from a much smaller school, and as expected, we won... 82 to 22. Which was neat in a way because the boys that usually don't get to play at all got a lot of playing time last night.

Sam had a football game this morning, and it was their first lost. Such a bummer. Joycie and I have to leave before it was over to go to the salon for her updo:

The homecoming dance is tonight, and Joycie is going with a bunch of girlfriends. I don't know whose idea it was, but there's about a dozen of them that decided to go to dinner together, rent a party bus for a couple of hours, then get dropped off at the high school for the dance. They're all excited. I heard a couple of the girls ditched their dates to join the girl party. Too fun! Good group of girls. I'm glad Joycie has that group of friends.

After we got home from Joycie getting her hair in an updo this afternoon, and when she got all dressed and ready, she looked stunning. She looked so, so beautiful. Her grandpa and gramma, Aunt Joie, Aunt Kathy, cousins Michael and Michelle, and 2 of Michelle's friends up with her from college for the weekend, Jordan and Steven, all came over to see her off to the dance. It was fun, and I think my baby girl felt very special. All the girls were going to meet for a photo at a local formal gardens, but it's too cold and windy. So they are meeting at the high school, leaving their cars there, and a couple of parents are driving them all to the restaurant. The party bus is picking them all up at the restaurant. I hope she has an excellent evening. I can't wait to talk with her when she gets home. Or maybe tomorrow morning. She's going to an "after party" with some of the girls, and I don't think I can stay awake that long tonight. I'm happy for my beautiful daughter.

Sam and Kevin are out bowhunting right now. Sam sits, since he's too young to hunt. They packed up a passle of food, hot chocolate and reading material. Reilly is very upset to be left behind, and he's been whining for the past hour. I finally got him to lay down beside me, where he's at right now, but he is still shivering, and with each outward breath, he's making like a small groaning whine. What a dog!

Our house is just a bit too cold right now, but we haven't turned on the furnace yet. I always hesitate to do that first furnace time of the fall. Anyway, Kev said he'd build a fire in the woodstove when they get back in, and Reilly is keeping my feet warm right now. I hope my girl is staying warm right now... it's pretty cold for such a skimpy, though beautiful, dress.

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