Thursday, October 13, 2005

Difficult, But Necessary

Biting my tongue, that is. I love it that both my kids are into sports. But sometimes I abhor the politics of school sports and especially the egotistical coaches. I would love to tell one coach in particular, in great detail, exactly what I think about him, his ethics and his coaching skills. No can do. All the fallout would land on my kids. And since that coach is also a teacher, it would flow over into grades, as well, I'm sure. I can't even have the luxury of casting dirty looks his way. I composed a very well written e-mail this evening... but thank God I called my sister, Kathy, before I sent it. Felt good writing it. Knew I couldn't send it, though... thus the call to Kathy. She's been there, and knows for certain the futility and stupidity of sending such an e-mail out. Ugh. Grrrr..... Would. Like. To. Choke. The. Shit. Out. Of. Him.

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