Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm Getting So Old...

Alternate Title: My Daughter Considers Herself Old Enough to Cuss Up a Bluestreak

Oh boy! Boy, oh boy! Background:

Joyce & Kev have gotten into watching a TV show called, "Over There." It's set in Iraq, and it is, as one may expect, at times very violent. That's not my thing at all. I can stand some violence, but watching a show each week that you know will have lots and lots of it just isn't my idea of entertainment. I've watched it only a couple of times, and all through it, I just can't help thinking about all the real people in Iraq and their families here at home and wondering what they are feeling about this show... It's a drag.

So, this past Wednesday, we all watched "Lost" together (which, by the way, is getting a little tiresome... resolve some of those mysteries, for pity's sake!). After "Lost" we quick switched to "Over There" and started taping (no, we don't have a TiVo or DVR yet). Joycie usually stays up to watch it, but she was tired. Since I've been sick, I went to bed, too. That left only Kev up and watching TV. With our current set-up, you must watch the channel you're taping. Kev should have went to bed, too...


Joyce just spent about 35 minutes watching the tape of "Over There"... during commercials, Kev kept switching over to ESPN to catch the ballgame score, apparently. A couple of times, he didn't switch back in time and missed a minute or so of the show. That started to tick the girl off. Then, in typical Kevin fashion, he fell asleep in front of the TV. Unfortunately, the TV was still on ESPN, so Joyce missed about the last 10 or 15 minutes of the show. To say she was irritated is a grave understatement. She was pissed off in high teenage girl glory. And she cussed her dad out something awful. Fortunately, he and Sam had already left to go to the football game.

Toward the end of her ranting, it got kinda weird... she sounded just like me.


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