Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Our scary, spooky jack-o-lanterns!

Sam wanted to go trick or treating, and even though I didn't feel much like it... I took him tonight. It was a beautiful evening. Kevin went out bow hunting, which he hasn't got to do very much lately, and I drove Sam into town. We stopped on the way and picked up his friend, Jacob.

Sam dressed up as Ben Wallace again, his favorite basketball player, and Jacob did a basketball player motif as well, wearing his favorite player jersey, Iverson. They looked so adorable.

We first went to his grandparents' and a little bit around their neighborhood. Years ago, that neighborhood did Halloween up right. Big Time. Now, it was nearly all dark houses with no lights on. Times change...

So then we went to our friends' house in another part of town, and that neighborhood had it going on! We walked around with them, and I got to visit with John & Canice, and the boys walked together. Lots of kids out, lots of lights and decorations. Very cool pumpkin carvings. And lots and lots of candy. One house was serving cider and grilling hot dogs for everyone, along with chips & dip and veggies & dip. And they gave out candy, too. Sam and Jacob were thrilled, and it was the perfect ending to an excellent evening of trick or treating.

I wanted to go to a couple more friends' houses, but it was getting too late. So we dropped Jake back off at his house and headed on home, out to the ol' countryside. It started raining on our way home. Nearly perfect timing. Stopped by my folks, then the 3 aunts' homes. Aunt JoAnne emptied all the rest of her Reeses peanut butter cups into Sam's sack, and boy, was he happy about that. Uncle Bob got his picture taken with our great big basketball player.

Sam won't want me to take him trick or treating much in the years ahead... I can't believe I didn't want to go! What the hell was I thinking?!!! It was so fun with Sam tonight. Both boys had a blast!

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