Monday, October 03, 2005

Destiny & a Freudian Slip

This morning my husband's pickup truck helped a neighbor's dog meet his destiny.

The family that lives across the road from my sister's, Joie, has had this huge, long-haired black dog since they moved in about 4 years ago. This dog's passion was chasing anything on the road. Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, people walking or people riding bicycles, anything or anyone going down the road. He was a sneaky bugger, hiding in the tall weeds on the side then darting out at you. He scared the crap outta me on more than one occasion. He was most definitely the talk of the neighborhood. I think everyone has, at one time or another, told his owners something about their dog. His owners are pretty nice folks, and we've known them for longer than the 4 years they've lived in their new house across from my sister's. They just were pretty stupid about their dog.

We have all of us wondered why in the heck they didn't fence the dog or put him on a line or something. I hated worrying about that damn dog causing my daughter, or my niece or other family member, or me, to crash their car.

I had never met the dog up close & personal, and maybe that's why it's easy for me to say that I am so relieved he's dead. And I'm glad it was Kev's truck that did it, because it caused no damage to the truck. If it had been Joycie's little Rodeo or my Buick, it probably would have dented us or caused us to go into the ditch (which is a very deep ditch on one side). I'm only sad that Sam had to witness it this morning. He was upset. I'm also sad that the family's daughter (a 10th grader) saw it happen. She was real upset.

When Kev stopped, the dad was just arriving home from work. His name is John. He was nice about it, even apologized to Kevin. He said they knew it was bound to happen. The son told Kev that they had tried to get the dog to stop chasing cars, but the dog just wouldn't stop. We've seen them out there waiting for the bus or whatever, and it has never looked to me like they were trying to get the dog to stop. Mostly they'd just watch him. Didn't holler at him to come back.

I think John should have also thanked Kevin. I think Kev could have just possibly saved them from a big ol' lawsuit.

I was telling my other sister, Kathy, about the dead dog while on my drive to work this morning. I knew she would be very interested. Kathy lives next to Joie, and has a greater loathing than I of that dog. Of course, Kathy has had to deal with him much, much more than I ever did. I'm not saying she was happy about it... but rather relieved, like me, only to a greater extent. She told me that she heard the dog get hit the other evening, a screech of tires and a bout of yelping. Maybe that slowed him down enough that he was off his timing with Kev's truck this morning.

Kathy and her family have a nice little dog, a sweetheart named Lady. Kathy is not one to have a dog in the house, though, so Lady has a very nice abode (in the shade and also heated in winter) and she's on a line that is attached to a long line, so Lady's line moves along and she can cover a lot of territory. Lady isn't on the line all the time, she's loose whenever they're outside, and is walked every day, in all weather. Kathy said that she never understood why John and Jamie (John's wife) didn't put their damn dog on a line like Michelle's line.

Michelle is, of course, not their dog, Lady; Michelle is their 18-year-old daughter who is away now at her first year of college. Oh, boy! We laughed so hard we nearly pissed ourselves. (And we were both driving at the time, so that would have been real fun.)

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