Thursday, October 13, 2005

And Speaking of Stupidity...

After Kev got back to the house this morning from hunting, around 10 am or so, he promptly got on his tractor and I didn't see him again until about 1:30 pm. At that time, he opened the front door and hollered for me to get dressed and come outside. You see, I had to drive the truck that was chained to the tractor, while he was on the tractor trying to steer it out of the stinky, thick muddy edge of the pond. Kev was raking around it and got a little too close and it sucked him in. The right front tire was hardly visible, it was so far into the mud. He got his tractor STUCK IN THE MUD! Big Time!

I was amazed at how quickly the truck tugged him out, though it wasn't just the truck, the tractor's back wheels weren't in the mud. But it's been fun having Kev thank me for rescuing him today.

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