Saturday, April 01, 2006

The melt down

We hit the last matinee showing of Ice Age 2 yesterday, and I gotta say, it was a great way to spend some time. I loved the part where Sid starts singing, "Food, Wonderful Food..." Sam's favorite part was when all the miniature sloths were worshipping Sid. Clap Clap. Thunder of Clap Clap. Funny! Two things about it I didn't like. First, I currently abhor possums. Crash & Eddie were hilarious, but I spent too much time thinking, "too bad they're possums." Dumb, I know. Second, a mammoth thinking she's a possum was a bit too over the top, even for little kids. Sam would have thought that was stupid even as a 1st grader. I also loved the part where Manny told Ellie her butt was huge, and she was so very happy with that. Wouldn't that be great?! Your butt's enormous. Yay, pass the popcorn!

After the movie, we zipped into Home Depot to spend our gift cards that my in-laws gave to Kev and I for our birthdays (his late, mine early). We bought a passle of those 3M Command hooks. We've got a nice little corner now next to the gun safe that's kind of out-of-sight... so I'm going to fill it with hooks for Kev to put his many, many hats on. That man loves his hats. And he gets picky about where to set them down, so they don't get squashed. Yet another project for today!

It rained while we were in the movie, and when we got out the sky was darkish... after we were done at Home Depot, the sky was dramatic, and beautiful.

Then we went to dinner at the Genghis Khan Mongolian Barbecue. That place is pretty cool. We enjoyed it very much. I liked picking out my own food and sauce and then watching the guys at the round grill cook it. My sister, Kathy, once said to me that she didn't like it... that when she goes out to dinner, she doesn't want to have any part of having to cook it herself. Since I love to cook, I found it interesting. This was my second time there. The first time I went, I made 2 trips. The first batch turned out way too salty, and the 2nd batch was supposed to be teriyaki sauce, but the restaurant had run out, so the manager concocted his own version... which was dreadful. Last night, I did 2 trips again, and both were excellent. Sam's 2nd trip was buffalo chicken, and it was too spicy hot to eat. It was so hot that you really couldn't taste the food, just the hot. (Sam made a 3rd trip.) Sammy loves shrimp, so he had a ball. I think I would have been fine because both my trips were smaller portions... but I ordered a draft and when I got back to the table, there was this extremely tall, 22-ounce lovely glass of beer. You can't put that much beer in front of me and expect me not to drink it. I'm pretty sure that's what made me feel way too full and miserable. Kev was feeling miserable, too. We had barely gotten into the car before he was asking for Tums.

Called Joycie on the way home, and she was in the shower... she & Allison had just got back from the hotel pool. She called us back and we all got to say goodnight to her.

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