Friday, March 31, 2006

Room with a view

Since we have rearranged our bedroom, I now have a view out an east-facing window, overlooking the pond. This morning's sunrise was nothing to write home about... but still a great view. Today's weather is gray and rainy. We slept in until about 8am. Here's my new, improved view from my pillow.

Not bad.

I love days like this. Feels like Spring. And since it's raining, we can spend the morning getting some stuff done inside, with Kev not feeling like he should be outside with his Kubota. This afternoon, we 3 are going to a movie & then out to dinner. ***sniff*** missing my girl...

Joycie called me about 4 times yesterday. Once to say save the tape of Lost for her friend, Kara, and be sure to tape Survivor, CSI & Without a Trace. Then again to say they made it to London & where they were. Then again to say she was settled back in their room & they were watching Survivor, but be sure to tape the other shows, and that the mall there was huge. Oh, the 4th time we talked was when I called her. She and Allison had just got back from the pool and were getting cleaned up to go out to dinner. I wonder what kind of charges the Verizon bill will show... Canada is so close, I don't think of it as "international" calling... hmmm.....

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