Monday, March 06, 2006

It's back...

About a month ago, I chipped the inside corner of one of my front teeth. Thankfully, it wasn't bad -- no nerve exposed or anything like that. I just looked like your typical Wal-Mart shopper. It happened on a Thursday evening, and since my dentist office is closed Fridays, I had to wait until Monday morning to see them. I was afraid that I was going to have to get a cap or some other expensive option, but instead it was like a bondo job. Some substance that adhered to my tooth and was expertly applied and shaped by my dentist. (Well, really, by my dentist's dad, who is also a dentist.) With about 15 minutes of work and ample warnings to be careful and don't eat anything with my front teeth ever again, like apples and corn-on-the-cob and tough steak, I was on my way.

What a pleasant surprise that was!

And whodathunk celery would be on the no-no list? Last Thursday evening, I bit into a stick of celery. The ribs on it were pretty tough, so I went to pull them off, of course keeping the stick in my mouth, and the instant I thought, "Oh no, I shouldn't do this with my front teeth now..." I felt it give. My hillbilly smile is back.

I told Kev & Joycie that I was thinking about keeping it. To their aghast expressions, I said, "Exactly!" Joycie told me I looked like a white trash trailer house dweller. To which I replied, "Yes, but then when I begin speaking, so eloquently and with such an outstanding range of vocabulary, I will appear even more intelligent than I am, and people will think I'm a genius!"

Kev said, "Yeah, that's a genius of an idea alright."

I've got a dental appointment tomorrow at 9:40am.

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