Friday, March 24, 2006

Merrily... more on pod dwelling

There's a woman that I work with, that is, we're on the same work team, and we're pod-mates. Neighbors. She has the greatest laugh. Actually, there are 2 women in our pod of 6 people that have really great laughs, and each of their laughter is very different from the other.

Sometimes when this woman laughs, no matter what I'm doing, I usually find myself smiling. It's pretty great. Sometimes when she gets going, she sounds kind of like a girlie Scooby-Doo. In a good way. A really fun way. She is part of the silver lining of this cloudy pod dwelling.

She's also pretty jumpy. Probably because she's usually concentrating, and she gets a lot of visitors (she's a go-to-gal, one of those people that everyone goes to for answers). Every once in a while, like just a little bit ago, when someone arrives at her cubicle and surprises her, she shrieks. Loudly. She usually follows up the shriek with a laugh. It is darn right hilarious. Gotta love it.

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