Friday, March 24, 2006

The good news & the bad news

Sam has very few chores at home, and one of them is to feed the cats. Our cats live on our front porch, so it's not a real difficult chore to feed 'em. But Sam is constantly forgetting to do it. Late the other evening, when already dark out, after being reminded once again... Sammy opened the front door and stepped out onto the porch to feed the cats. There was this big, fat opossum sitting on the porch swing eating from the bowl of cat food. Sam didn't notice him right at first.

We knew a possum has been getting up on our porch, & we've had a live trap on the porch to try and catch it. We've been feeding N.C. and Frankie from a bowl on the porch swing because we thought the little bugger couldn't get up there.

Wrong on 2 counts. It got up there, and it wasn't that little. Sure as heck surprised Sam. He screamed. The possum took off.

Last night, about 8:30pm, I reminded Sammy to feed the cats. Sam's been a little gun-shy about going out on the porch at night now, so looking at that pitiful expression on his face, I got up and went out with him. Good thing, too, coz there was that big, fat thing again, sitting happy as you please on MY PORCH SWING. Ugly bugger.

So, the good news is that Kev got the shotgun and a flashlight and tracked it down and made sure that critter isn't going to be salivating all over my swing ever again. And the bad news is... well, heck, there ain't no bad news about that!

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