Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy, happy birthdays

Yesterday my Daddy turned 76, and today my eldest sibling, No. 1 Daughter of the family, Janet, turns 52.

It's funny reading those numbers, because they used to be numbers about old age. I'm almost 46, and I'm the youngest of 5 children in our family. My Dad seems a bit old, yes, I mean he likes his afternoon nap, and his hips and a knee will bother him... joints hurting... but hell, me, too! I've met old men and women that are all bent over, wrinkled and walking with canes. Talk slow, hands shake. Fragile old people. My Dad sure ain't like that. He's strong, and super smart. If you met him, you would think he was in his early 60's maybe. Turning 76 makes him closer to 80 than 70, and I can't get my mind wrapped around that weird fact.

And Janet... no way would you think she's 52, or a grandmother. Janet is a very pretty woman. She's always had good fashion sense, and she always looks so nice. If you met her, you would think 42, definitely not 52. In fact, when Janet has met people I work with (we both work for the same company, though in different departments, so we have no interaction at work), a couple of them have thought she was my younger sister.

Happy birthday, Dad & Janet!

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