Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tell me, do my arms look longer to you???

Been a real busy couple of days.

It was a beautiful day out yesterday. In the morning, Kev, Sam & I, along with Reilly, Barney & Betty, took a walk out back. Sammy took over my camera, and he got some great action shots of Reilly & Barney competing for the stick that Kev was throwing for them.

He also took this shot, which I (of course!) think is just darling.

Sammy does a lot of groaning about the PDA of Kev & I, but truthfully, kids love to see their parents be openly affectionate with each other. Anyway, there's no gettin' away from it... we are most definitely an openly affectionate family.

When we approached Kev's back field, about a dozen deer took off. We could see their white tails through the woods in the distance. With the 3 dogs, we're not likely to get anywhere near close to deer, or any other wildlife.

On the way back towards the house, I finally I got my camera back, so I took my own sentimental shot.

The sky was so blue and gorgeous. It was warm and sunny, but all the trees are still winter bare. Won't be long...

Then Kev and I tested out the log splitter. Oh yeah, baby! We should've bought one of those suckers years ago. It's amazing. It split chunks of oak trees that were huge. We had it set to verticle, so the wedge would go down into the wood... and it would just crack that piece of log right open. I could not get tired of watching it. Gnarly oak pieces, no problem... that wedge would just keep going through it. When a piece of log is gnarly with knots & twisty stuff, it's tight & tense, and very difficult to split by hand. Those pieces are so unpredictable. Once when Kev was splitting a chunk of oak like that, he bent down to pull out the splitting maul, and it popped right out of the log, smashing open his forehead. That was an interesting (and bloody) trip to the emergency room. But that log splitter just went through it like a hot knife through butter. Effortlessly. Amazing. We split wood for about an hour, and we had a huge stack when we were done. We had fun.

And today we worked on rearranging our bedroom to make room for Kev's new gun safe. We've had our bedroom furniture in the same spot since we built the house & moved in... almost 14 years ago. It was a helluva lot of work... I had stuff squirreled away in every corner. It took hours. Kev had to leave for work, and the kids and I finished up. Still haven't got to the walk-in closet yet... I think I may save that for next month... My arms are aching! Tomorrow we're going to haul that 600-lb. beast out of the back of the pickup and somehow up the porch steps, through the front door and into our bedroom. Did I mention my arms are aching???

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