Thursday, March 30, 2006

& on the 5th day of spring break...

Yesterday was quite a day... we spent the morning getting the beast into the house... Kevin's new 600-lb. gun safe out of the back of his pickup, up the sidewalk, up the 4 front steps of the porch, up the 1 step through the front door and situated at its final resting place. Where it will remain forever.

That was an unforgettable experience. Kev used his tractor to pull it out of his pickup, then we manhandled it onto a hand-truck. When we got to the front steps, which are wooden, we discovered the wheels of the hand-truck were just the right size to fit under the step. Did I say fit? I meant get stuck. So Kev & Dad went over and put the front bucket on Dad's tractor, since that bucket is not as wide as Kev's, and we manhandled the beast onto the bucket and Dad lifted it up onto the porch. My heart was in my throat throughout this entire endeavor. If that thing fell and landed on you, it would kill you. Or at least smash a body part beyond recognition.

With Joycie, Dad and I pushing and Kev pulling, we got it up over the front door step, then Kev wheeled it into the bedroom. I didn't think I'd like a big black thing in our bedroom, but when I look at it now, I feel satisfied and happy.

And sore. Nothing like being scared shitless, tensed up as all git out and pushing & pulling with all your might to give the ol' back muscles a workout.

I took a ton of photos, but this one says it best.

Kev left for work shortly afterwards, and then Joycie, Sam & I went and picked up Michael and headed for town. We had a great afternoon. A wonderful afternoon. It was beautiful out, warm and sunny. We were all in shirtsleeves and all in good moods. We did some fun shopping, had dinner at a Chinese buffet, then went home and watched a good movie. It was an old HBO movie the kids checked out at the library, the Dog Men or something like that, about a lost Indian tribe, well, not lost really, more like hidden. It was good. Like Michael said, kinda cheesy, but good. Beautiful scenery.

I am enjoying this week so much. I think the kids would have preferred a vacation away, but this is The Best in my opinion. I'm glad Michael is around and could hang out with us. I miss my niece, Michelle. Our kids are growing up too fast for me. I want to grab them and hold them all just as they are... OK, not really. Of course. I love seeing how they change and grow. Joyce will be 18 this November. Everytime I say that to myself, I feel strange. Sad and proud and scared. Michael will be 16 this summer and driving by himself. I'm experiencing the same qualms I had when Michelle began driving and then with Joycie. Of course. My nephew is so smart and mature, he'll be an excellent driver. It's not him I'm worried about. Anyway, I can take worry to a whole new art form.

Speaking of which, Joycie left this morning with her friend, Allison, and Allison's mom, Sue. They're headed to London for a shopping spree. London, Canada, as Joycie liked to explain to the looks of surprise she was getting with that statement. Cracked me up. I explained that saying London, Canada, was like saying Detroit, USA. She didn't really appreciate my explanation.

Joycie will be back on Sunday. She's been gone a little over an hour now, and I'm already: a) worried, b) wanting to call her on her cell phone to make sure she didn't forget anything important, and c) missing her. I'm such a wimp.

p.s. and how could I almost forget to add that Lost wasn't a re-run?!!! Yeeha.

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