Friday, March 24, 2006

A blessing and a curse...

There's this guy that works in the building where I work who I see in the hallway a lot. He works in the area across the hall, and like most cell phones, his doesn't work where he sits. I see a lot of people in the hallway and near the entrance doors yakking on their cells because that's the only place to get reception, and I've been there a time or 2 myself.

Anyway, this guy is out there at least once daily, and often more so. I see him walking up and down the hall, talking loudly into his cell phone... nodding his head and gesturing dramatically with his free hand. He doesn't have to worry much about privacy, I suppose, because the chances of very many people (or any) understanding his conversation in Dutch is somewhat remote. I think he is here on an assignment from one of our Netherlands offices. I've tried to figure out what he may be discussing just by his tone of voice, but I can't.

I've mentioned my keen sniffer before... how my olfactory senses seem to be more highly developed than the average joe's. I'll say, "do you smell that?" and my neighbors will say, "smell what?". Sometimes it's poor me; sometimes it's poor them. If ya know what I mean.

But it does not take an above-average sniffer to know when the waving Dutchman has been in the corridor. What the hell is it with European men and their far-too-ample use of cologne. Ugh.

Because of my sniffer, though, when he's out there (or just left), I do think I suffer more than most people here. {key background music: "Poor Poor Pitiful Me", Linda Ronstadt version}

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