Friday, March 17, 2006

Lunch time posting

because when in the hell else am I gonna have time to do it? And I don't really have time now... but anyway...

How Well Do You Know Yourself?
Joycie gave Sammy one of those electronic toys, 20 Questions, for Christmas. I've had it for weeks and he hasn't even missed it. I've been trying to get to correctly guess that I'm thinking of it... that is, ITSELF -- the 20Q toy I'm holding in my hands. But I guess it doesn't know itself all that well... unless it thinks it's an MP3 player, a Game Boy or a Furby.

I Can't Believe I Didn't Write A Post About This
Joycie, now 17 years of age, finally got her ears pierced back in January when we were at some big mall shopping for a prom dress. Really, I thought she was never going to pierce her ears. Part of me liked that about her... a lot! Another part of me wanted to buy pretty earrings for her. Especially since she has long hair & she wears it in a pony tail often. After 2 months, I still look at her with my opal earrings in her ears and it seems strange to me. I have pictures that I took with my cell phone of the actual piercing... must include here sometime.

Another Great Bumper Sticker
There's room for all God's creatures...
on my plate right next to the potatoes.

It's Not Time To Freak Out Yet
Kev & I went to a meeting at the high school last night for parents of students graduating next year, in 2007. Holy shitmoly. Too. Much. Information.
And really, now that I've calmed down, it's not going to be all that bad. Yes, there's a lot of stuff to do next year, and thank goodness for Visa (ugh!), but all in good time. Anyway, Joycie has everything under control. She has never been one to wait until the last minute (thankfully, she didn't inherit my strong procrastination genes), and we've never had to harp on her to do her homework or anything. She's very self-driven, self-motivated. One thing we heard at the meeting was that she should be taking a math class in her senior year, and she's already set her schedule... with no math class. Kev was freaking out a little about that, but Joycie HATES math. She's had 3 years of it, and that's all she's going to give it in high school. I support her decision. She already knows what she wants (teaching degree) and where she wants to get it. We just have to cough up the cash. Now that's when Kevvie can really freak.

And Speaking Of Procrastination... and Visa...
I still haven't got all the paperwork together to give to our tax guy. Which wouldn't be a totally bad thing, except we are sure to get a nice refund this year. What in the hell am I waiting for???

Kev Is Expecting Soon
And he'll be the proud owner of a brand, spanking new log splitter. You would think he was given the key to the city, for pity's sake. He's very excited. Should be here in a few weeks.

Oh, Good! You're Finally Done Coz I Need Your Help
It's amazing how open we are as a family. With Kev working swing shifts, plus schedule changes due to overtime, he and I have learned to fit the cuddlin' in when we can. Even if it is at 5:00 pm. The kids know not to even touch the bedroom door. Even if they have a pressing question on how to handle something on their Excel spreadsheet they're working on...

Brace Face, Metal Mouth
Sammy got his Braces, Part 2. Upper and lower. Thank goodness for Visa. (Is there an echo in here???) He was very glad to not have to wear the retainer any longer, and he was actually pretty excited about getting the braces. I think he was looking forward to the attention. But all that's settled down now and mostly he wishes he could chew gum.

Big Comfy Chair Day
Another photo I'll have to post... Our Spring Break is the week after next, and we're not going anywhere for it! Yay! I'm taking the whole week off, though, and we're going to get so much done at home. My list of things to do is tremendously impressive. And I've already got one thing done. We bought Sammy a big, comfy chair and ottoman for his bedroom, along with a floor lamp. We stayed home at Spring Break a few years ago and bought Joycie a big, comfy recliner for her room, so now it was Sammy's turn. We had a heck of a time getting that sucker through the doorways into the house then his bedroom. But it's a beauty. And it is soooooo comfortable. Dark red soft leather. Sammy loves it. Just wait until he sees his part of the to do list. I'm already practicing... remember the chair, son?

I'm Sick of "Lost" Re-Runs
That's really all I have to say about that.

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