Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Retail therapy

Because my Dad is still in the hospital, I’ve been taking Sammy to school in the mornings. Sammy usually gets on the bus at my folks’ at about 8:10am. I drop him off there on my way into work around 7am. My Dad gets up early and usually makes Sam’s breakfast, and then when it’s time for the bus, Dad usually takes Sam down to the end of their long driveway in the golf cart. Mom could handle this while Dad’s in the hospital, but getting up that early is pretty difficult for Mom, and she’s got enough to handle. Anyway, I enjoy it. I get to sleep a little later and so does Sammy, and then we have the morning together. He likes to be driven to school.

It does mean I get into work about an hour and a half late, though. My work day starts at 7:30am, so when I take Sammy to school, I don’t get there until close to 9am, taking that time on vacation or making it up.

Lately, though, there is a bigger problem with getting to work late. Because of some construction going on around our company’s campus, there have been many parking areas eradicated. This has caused a serious shortage of parking spots. This morning when I got there at 8:50am, I drove around for about 20 minutes, going to several different parking lots, and eventually with about 3 or 4 other cars, looking for an open space. Even a “no parking” area open space, anything. There were 2 handicap spots free, but that was it. I was contemplating driving over a curb and parking on the lawn, but then I said to myself, fuck this. I drove to Kroger and bought myself a small bunch of tulips, bought some mixed nuts for my Daddy, stopped at the Rite-Aid next door and bought some stuff, looked around, killed some time. Driving back to work, I decided that if there were no free parking spots by now, I was just going to head on home.

I found one right up front. Darn it.

I met a friend for lunch. Her name is Ann, and she discovered not too long ago that she has breast cancer. It was caught early and she had surgery, then radiation treatment. She’s doing well, and she looked great. It was nice to see her.

And after lunch, I actually found a free parking spot. One of about 4 left. Whew. But after I got to my desk, I was just so not in the mood to be there. Just too much drama this week, I guess. I left for the day, and am taking tomorrow on vacation. I was planning to go in late, after taking Sammy to school, and then leave early to go back out and get Sam, bring him into town for his dental appointment early tomorrow afternoon… instead, I’m just taking the whole dang day off. Screw it.

So I left today and hit the dollar store. Our town has 3 of them. My favorite one is on my way home, so I turned in. I saw Gwen and her mom in there, which really surprised me. We had a nice visit. She said Cody had a good day yesterday, and that Sammy was really nice to him. I was glad to hear that, because it confirmed what Sam had said.

And then I bought myself 2 vases, which I totally do not need. It used to be everything was a dollar, but now they have some more “high end” stuff on occasion… so I had to fork out five bucks for each of these vases. I like them both. I put my tulips in this one.

And I think it’ll look great with daffodils, too. This is the other one.

I think they’re both pretty, and it cheered me up! Retail therapy isn’t something that usually appeals to me, but it helped today.

I also bought a new shower curtain and rugs for our bathroom this week. Those purchases I can justify. We’ve had the same curtain and rugs for quite a few years now… probably at least 10. I bought them from the National Wildlife gift catalog, and they were kinda pricey (for me, anyway). I’d say we’ve got our use out of them. It’s funny, I’m not really tired of them yet… even after 10 years. So I’m definitely saving them. Here’s the “before” photo:

But I had in a mind a totally different look, and lo & behold, I found exactly what I was thinking of for the shower curtain at Wal-Mart. Then I found the exact rugs I wanted at K-Mart. Hey, if the store has a hyphen in its name, count me in. Here is my “after” photo:

I also spent about an hour and half scrubbing in there… gave the bathroom one of those ol’ deep cleaning sessions. I usually go with a swipe and promise… it’s not that I hate doing housework, I’d enjoy it if I had more time.

Anyway, I like my “new” bathroom, and I like my new vases. All that and a glass of Reisling has much improved my mood tonight.

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