Thursday, April 13, 2006

Misty morning pond

I took this photo about 15 minutes ago. The mist is so pretty, but I've learned that it means the water level in our pond is dropping. We'll have misty mornings for a while now. I love it when the pond is so nice and full... someday we are just going to have to find the moola to get a water source (and an aerator) for the pond. Someday.

Kev had to go to an endodontist this morning to see about a hurting tooth... he's probably looking at a root canal. His first. And he's not happy about it. This morning, they are just going to test it to see what the problem is. I've had to do that twice, so Kevin asked me what will happen. I told him they will put this heat source on it, like a little branding iron. He asked how that worked, and I told him, well, if you come out of the chair screaming with pain, then they know that tooth needs a root canal. I'm so mean. He was not very happy with my sense of humor.

So now I'm home this morning instead of at work because I'm taking Sammy to school, which Kev had planned to do. But it worked out because I turned my alarm off and got up real late. I had a grand jury session to attend yesterday, and I don't sleep well after those days.

The session wasn't so bad, but they are all disturbing to me. Though I cannot tell anyone the details of the sessions, like what the cases are about, who was there, etc., I did describe the actions of one witness yesterday to Kev & the kiddos. It was interesting, like a made-for-TV movie. The witness brought in a 3x5" notecard that had writing on both sides. To answer almost all of the questions put to this witness by the AUSA (Assistant U.S. Attorney), this person read from one side of the card or the other, something like:

"I'd like to answer your question, however, under the advice of my counsel, I cannot" or,

"I respectfully decline to answer your question and am excerising my 5th Amendment rights as guaranteed me by the Consitution of the United States of America."

Everyone knows about "taking the 5th" and I'm sure lots of people have seen it done in real life, even on live court TV, but that was my first time seeing it for real (that I recall). I think the AUSA did some things to try and rattle this person, as any good attorney would do, but this person never swayed. It was, in a way, quite impressive. Very interesting. But after hearing one or the other of those 2 sentences many, many, many times... it got kind of boring. That's what those sessions are like for me... disturbing, but boring. My term ends August 1st, and since the new grand jury is seated, we (the old grand jury) probably will have to meet only once per month at most, so that's just possibly 3 more sessions. I am so looking forward to this being over.

I don't do well with real awful things happening to real people... I don't like the TV movies that are based on actual events (events that are awful, that is). I will not be seeing the movie coming out about the flight from 9/11. I don't like books or movies about awful true events that happened to children. I will read/watch those things on occasion; sometimes I just get sucked in... but I regret it. I wasn't like this before I gave birth to Joycie. Something about my becoming a mom made me feel more strongly the sadness of those stories. Though, I can enjoy movies based on real events where crappy shit happens to rotten, mean, evil people. Hang 'em high, dude.

And now, I'd better get my boy to school and my butt into work!

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