Friday, April 28, 2006


Conversation earlier this morning here at work:
Me: Mornin' Bonnie
Bonnie: Ahhh, good morning **sigh**
Me: (in my best George Jones imitation) It's Finally Friday!
Bonnie: Yeah, and it took a year to get here!

I agree. Long week.

Bumper sticker on the back window (wait, wouldn't that be a window sticker???) of a big, tough lookin' black pickup with one of those big aluminum toolboxes across the back, and with huge tires... a truck you can tell is for workin' & not for show:

Best song to describe some events this week:
J. Geils Band, "Love Stinks"

Best movie quote to describe some events this week:
"Worse than the total agony of being in love?" from Sam in "Love Actually".

Actually, love isn't right... more like crush, or very interested.

My niece, a college freshman, started a blog, and she got a comment on one her blog posts from someone in Italy. Cool.

We have exactly 20 more days of school. Holy cow. This will be the last school year of our involvement with our elementary school, because Sammy moves on to the middle school next year. Joycie started Kindergarten there in 1994 (in the same classroom where I attended Kindergarten in 1965). It will be odd. We went to the book fair yesterday evening, after Michael's tennis match, and we bought a book for each one of Sammy's teachers he's had through the years (except for 1, who is no longer at our school). (The PTO has the teachers fill out "book wish" cards, and then their students can purchase a book for their classroom. It's really neat, and they put a sticker in the book of who it's from.) Usually we only buy a book for his current teacher, but since this is his last year there, we chose one for each teacher. I love buying books, so that was fun, but it was really sad... Then as I looked at the board with the teachers' book wishes, I realized that all of the teachers that Joycie had were no longer there. One moved to Louisiana mid-way through 4th grade, 2 have since retired, 2 are teaching at others schools in our district and 1 is now in a position in our district administration.

I just finished my breakfast, a roasted almond crunchy granola bar... and those things are great.

Now... back to work.

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