Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring is in the air... and love, too... tree love

After Kev woke, he and I took a walk. It's a beautiful day, and the sky is so blue. We got the 3 dogs, & headed out to the west end of the pond.

Just in case you missed it, that's the moon risin' in the east.

There was a log floating in the pond about 10 feet out, so I told Barney to go get it, boy, go get it... and he did!

And then, of course, Reilly tried to take credit for it.

A short ways off the pond, there's a big clump of maples.

It's really pretty. Probably there was one big maple, and when it died or was cut down, these "babies" grew up together from the stump.

Usually clumps of trees like this aren't very strong, but this one looks solid. The trees are pretty close together.

And then I walked around to the other side. Little did I know how close...

WARNING: The following photographs contain sexually explicit content and may offend some people.

Obviously, this is where the party goes on with this clump of maples.

Just in case you missed it, they're having maple tree sex.

Yes, I said it, Maple Tree Sex.

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