Sunday, April 30, 2006

More morsels...

I have finally discovered the type of bird that has been waking me in the mornings with a jarring EEEHHH EEHH EEH. I got a picture of one of them.

This is the Eastern Phoebe with whom I have a love/hate relationship. I hate his song. He is loud and screeching, and he drowns out all the other morning birdsong. He is also a very early riser. But I love it that he eats tons of insects, including mosquitos. Hopefully, he will mate soon and quit the “come find me” screeching, and do the phoe-bee song he's known for...

Last night, we went to our high school’s production of The Sound of Music. It was absolutely awesome. What a great bunch of talented young people. My nephew, Mike, was part of the orchestra, and I snapped this shot (with my cell phone) of him hamming it for me in the pit.

Joycie’s had a few soccer games this season, and I took these photos one evening last week. I love her expressions… and her high kicks. She can kick that ball way more than half way down the field.

Yesterday afternoon, I took this photo of N.C. snoozing in the sun. Awww…

Awww… dammit, now I know why that shrub is looking like crap on one side.

Between N.C. laying on it and Barney pissing on it… there’s not much hope for it.

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