Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sunshine & coffee

It is another beautiful morning outside. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. The forsythia is blooming. The star magnolia, which was all buds Thursday evening, is blooming also. Gorgeous. I can see them both while I sit here typing.

Kev had to get up and go into work today; it's his day-12s weekend. His alarm went off at 6am, and I should have gotten up... but instead I fell back asleep. Woke up with a start at nearly 9:30am. Ugh. My back is hurting from laying in bed too long. Whatever it is about the alarm going off that makes me fall asleep, I wish I'd outgrow it. I've missed most of this morning. I'm finishing my last cup of coffee, the last drop out of a pot that Sammy made for me... coffee always tastes better to me when it's made by someone else for me and delivered to me... ahhh.

Joycie is already vacuuming upstairs, and we're going to finish up working in the library this morning. We have a "great room" floor plan, where the living room, kitchen and dining room are one large open room. Our stairs to the upstairs separate the living room from the kitchen, but the stairs are open & you can walk underneath them. The living room has a cathedral ceiling, and the loft area is what we have designated as "the library" because my bookshelves are in there on one wall. Kevin made the bookshelves for me when we still lived in the pole barn, and the plan has always been (since we built the house 13 years ago) to build more shelves on the East wall... so far, it's still on the to do list.

We've been acquiring more books for years, and so the book shelves have become a chaotic mess. Not very peaceful to sit up there and read when I feel like the chaos is going to come down and smother me. Yesterday, we started boxing up books we no longer use. Nearly made me cry to box up all the little kids books. But, it cleared out a lot of room (7 boxes of kiddie books!). I did keep some out, just couldn't bring myself to hide them away in a box. We've gotten a lot of paperbacks, which I always thought didn't warrant space on a bookshelf. Like they were second-class citizens. The trailor trash of the book world. But I've changed my tune. They look great on the shelves, very organized and colorful. Makes me want to grab one & read. And I guess that's the whole idea, eh.

Now I've gotten myself anxious to get up there and finish the job pronto...

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